Hopsgui is a MATLAB tool designed for easy visualization of HOPS, OAG, PEINITIAL NetCDF files.


The software permits you to visualize the data in different ways:

Vertically slice the data.
Horizontally slice the data.
Overlay the vector field.
Time series at specific points.
Profiles at specific points.
Do animations of the data.
Print the window to postscript or encapsulated
Change the current variable to another such variable
    in the data set.
Change the colormap.
Zoom in on a particular area of interest.

Downloading hopsgui:

Steps to getting hopsgui up and running.

Make sure you have Matlab 5.0 or better.
Get the proper hopsgui package, tar-gzipped, or zipped.
Read the Tutorial, or its printed version:

Final Note: By the moment I do not have the purpose of update the software, but in case you have a problem I will try to help you, just email me!!